Monday, 4 April 2011

"To Grantchester and Back On a Sunday"

Hello new blog!! And out with the old one and its mouthful of a name :s (here if anyone wants it tho... old blog).
So anyway,  I'm stopping my dithering and just getting posting, or it's never gonnae 'appen! Today I discovered that a delightful day out, takes up an ENTIRE day, despite getting home at 4.30ish. This is due to the invention of facebook. Mix that with the having of friends who take a whole lotta photos. Good ones. We're talking thousands. Today. Literally. My meagre contribution follows. There's a bit of a theme...

Oh my GOODNESS do I love those doors! :D

Also, got a tad carried away with the thought that a certain crop of an instant polaroid-type picture would make a good album cover. So obviously, I made the cover. And the band. And a facebook page for them. Tangent and a half.  Here it is...

"Three in a Tree are a very newly formed band comprised of Runa Rudaya, Kathryn Goulding-Mountford and Jake Watts. They are heavily influenced by Mumford & Sons, in album cover at least." 

That's what facebook says ;) so it must be true! Night Night!

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