Sunday, 27 November 2011

Puppetypuppetypuppetyness :)

Currently in the midst of a 3 week puppet show brief, among other things! Here are pictures of the last puppet I made (well, really kinda the first puppet I've made- as a 'grown up'- can I claim that title?!) which was of the lovely Jennie of CB1. Have two fellas in the pipeline who'll differ a little in materials and colour palette, and hopefully their mechanics will be a tad better, we'll see!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Current State of Desk...

Wordful (-that's one of mine :) ) information to follow at some point. Too little sleep in my life at the moment to use real words and actually articulate (even typey-wise). Woah, no idea if that made any sense. But that's kinda what I was attempting to convey. Hmmmmmm. Resign Connie and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Just some nice buttons :)

As above! Lovely colours together, YUM :) 

And, on the subject of lovely colours, am currently packing to go to Seville tomorrow- DRAWING TRIP! I'm exceedingly, superly, thoroughly enjoying the excuse to try on outfit after outfit, I LOVE CLOTHES, and especially the colour combinations that shop windows have been whispering to me about recently. I positively DROOL. AND, I anticipate Seville to be scrumptiously coloured, so much so that I TOTALLY spent too much on about twenty caran d'ache(?) water soluble wax pastels in nommy colours! Let's hope they and I get on well and can make scrummy pictures together. Fingers crossed. ALso, also, also, the waxcrayonythingys were wrapped for me in stripedystriped brown paper, LOVVVE. LYYYY.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday :D

Party pictures as promised! This was The Loveliest Day. The weather turned beautiful and bright and clear and warm for that one afternoon (the grey did promptly return the next day!) Everyone made such an effort, it was amazing, THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH! 

I loved the costumes, I hope these pictures do them justice and you can spot who turned up, can you see Cruella De Vil??! Bless my Dad - the playing card, I am SO his daughter :) ! Contrary to several suggestions, I wasn't Alice in Wonderland, but supposed to be Belle from Beauty & the Beast, my little brother and sister were characters from Alice tho'... the gorgeous Rachel was the Red Queen (there are segments of her in the bottom row!) and Phil's the hat-less Mad Hatter in the middle :D 

WHAT FUN! O to do it again tomorrow!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


I had grand plans for a fantabulous birthday-party-picnic-lazy-afternoon in July, but they didn't quite fall into place. THEREFORE, tomorrow I'm having an Unbirthday Party! Behold the invitations, and note the Disney-themed fancy dress element... photos will follow :)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Ink Love

Just playing with some Quink ink and bleach. And suspecting the sudden onset of a headache to be related?! Anyway, noticed the lovely happening a-happening in the ink lid and thought I'd share, enjoy!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Zoo scribblings!

Last week, I went to Blackpool Zoo,
took some pencils, and there I drew.

The first creature I beheld, was the Giant Tortoise,
but fast he scurried past me, not such a good choice.

One Lioness roared, then so did the others,
over again and again, like cross, gossiping mothers.

The Orangutan's sad, old, pitiful face had me fooled,
but split into a grin, when my camera was revealed!

The Meerkats dug frantically, desperate to escape?
While stretched out in the sun, their chief was happy to wait.

"Look, over there!" in excitement, I cried...
Rabbits nibbling and hopping, my favourite animals I had spied!

The Zebra swung his stripey head,
"No, Mama, no! I won't go to bed!"

And so came the time, for us to depart,
and what had I drawn?! Would YOU call it art?!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Exercising those photoshop muscles...

Been working on some photoshop exercises, now have eight versions of these shoes, and am well and truly ready to do something else! Here are my preferred three, and a detail from my favourite...

Monday, 4 April 2011

"To Grantchester and Back On a Sunday"

Hello new blog!! And out with the old one and its mouthful of a name :s (here if anyone wants it tho... old blog).
So anyway,  I'm stopping my dithering and just getting posting, or it's never gonnae 'appen! Today I discovered that a delightful day out, takes up an ENTIRE day, despite getting home at 4.30ish. This is due to the invention of facebook. Mix that with the having of friends who take a whole lotta photos. Good ones. We're talking thousands. Today. Literally. My meagre contribution follows. There's a bit of a theme...

Oh my GOODNESS do I love those doors! :D

Also, got a tad carried away with the thought that a certain crop of an instant polaroid-type picture would make a good album cover. So obviously, I made the cover. And the band. And a facebook page for them. Tangent and a half.  Here it is...

"Three in a Tree are a very newly formed band comprised of Runa Rudaya, Kathryn Goulding-Mountford and Jake Watts. They are heavily influenced by Mumford & Sons, in album cover at least." 

That's what facebook says ;) so it must be true! Night Night!