Saturday, 13 August 2011


I had grand plans for a fantabulous birthday-party-picnic-lazy-afternoon in July, but they didn't quite fall into place. THEREFORE, tomorrow I'm having an Unbirthday Party! Behold the invitations, and note the Disney-themed fancy dress element... photos will follow :)


  1. I love the tea cup. I've made loads of bags that have that kind of thing machine appliquéd on to them. We have Been in a parallel life Connie! Do you do Instagram? If you have an iPhone / smart phone you must get the app. Anyway loads of my cups only blog or flikr or Instagram .......... How was Romeo and Juliet?

  2. Parallel life indeed! I must see yours :) Romeo and Juliet was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. It's on Mon-Wed next week too, THOROUGHLY recommend it if you can get along.