Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday :D

Party pictures as promised! This was The Loveliest Day. The weather turned beautiful and bright and clear and warm for that one afternoon (the grey did promptly return the next day!) Everyone made such an effort, it was amazing, THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH! 

I loved the costumes, I hope these pictures do them justice and you can spot who turned up, can you see Cruella De Vil??! Bless my Dad - the playing card, I am SO his daughter :) ! Contrary to several suggestions, I wasn't Alice in Wonderland, but supposed to be Belle from Beauty & the Beast, my little brother and sister were characters from Alice tho'... the gorgeous Rachel was the Red Queen (there are segments of her in the bottom row!) and Phil's the hat-less Mad Hatter in the middle :D 

WHAT FUN! O to do it again tomorrow!

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