Friday, 23 September 2011

Just some nice buttons :)

As above! Lovely colours together, YUM :) 

And, on the subject of lovely colours, am currently packing to go to Seville tomorrow- DRAWING TRIP! I'm exceedingly, superly, thoroughly enjoying the excuse to try on outfit after outfit, I LOVE CLOTHES, and especially the colour combinations that shop windows have been whispering to me about recently. I positively DROOL. AND, I anticipate Seville to be scrumptiously coloured, so much so that I TOTALLY spent too much on about twenty caran d'ache(?) water soluble wax pastels in nommy colours! Let's hope they and I get on well and can make scrummy pictures together. Fingers crossed. ALso, also, also, the waxcrayonythingys were wrapped for me in stripedystriped brown paper, LOVVVE. LYYYY.

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