Sunday, 5 June 2011

Zoo scribblings!

Last week, I went to Blackpool Zoo,
took some pencils, and there I drew.

The first creature I beheld, was the Giant Tortoise,
but fast he scurried past me, not such a good choice.

One Lioness roared, then so did the others,
over again and again, like cross, gossiping mothers.

The Orangutan's sad, old, pitiful face had me fooled,
but split into a grin, when my camera was revealed!

The Meerkats dug frantically, desperate to escape?
While stretched out in the sun, their chief was happy to wait.

"Look, over there!" in excitement, I cried...
Rabbits nibbling and hopping, my favourite animals I had spied!

The Zebra swung his stripey head,
"No, Mama, no! I won't go to bed!"

And so came the time, for us to depart,
and what had I drawn?! Would YOU call it art?!


  1. loving your zoo drawings :)
    yes, I would definitely call it art :)
    ps. I like the poem :D